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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Gift

Words flowed onto the screen, not paper. She used keys instead of a pen. The backspace key became her eraser. Her graceful, wrinkled fingers traced the smooth edges of the new laptop he'd just bought for her. He looked quizzically at her as her lips broke into a faint smile at the sight of her most cherished gift - the golden cross-pen he'd gifted her decades ago; it still adorned her bedside table and ruled her heart.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

This Year I Resolve…

This year I resolve to be happy… with myself… not dependent on others for my happiness! I have always linked my happiness to the presence of someone else, to his approval of the things I do, to his opinions about me and my work, to everything that lied outside of me. It was never about me so far… never about what I could have done for myself. However, things change, in fact, they must… that’s the only way we can adapt ourselves to the journey called life. I have also taken up this change… for good... for better... perhaps even for the best!

I have realized that happiness does not survive for long if it’s dependent on factors that lie outside of you. It has more to do with what lies inside. Take some time to think what makes you happy… Maybe it’s singing a favorite tune, playing an instrument, painting the colors of life on a white canvas, reading a funny book, writing a love story, penning every thought that takes birth in the fertile soil of the mind, a long chat with an old friend, a walk down the beach watching the setting sun… it can be just anything out of the myriad gifts nature has given us… you just need to find the one meant for you.