Thursday, November 22, 2012

A World Full Of Strangers

There are times in life when it's comforting to have strangers around you. You don't feel lonely this way. And yet there's no one who will ask u 'Why are you upset? What happened? Why are you feeling so low?'

They just leave you to be yourself. Girls walking around giggling on phone, guys involved in animated conversations with friends, women exchanging gossip in whispers and some old men sitting with the newspaper which seems to be their best friend.

You walk past with some burdens buried deep inside you, desperate to fight their way into the outer world through tears. Your will emerges stronger and not a single drop is shed. May be because you don't want any of these inanimate strangers to come to life and ask you the same questions you wanted to avoid. Or may be because you really wanted someone else to care about these...