Monday, February 4, 2008

Why did God make Idiots?

To add color to our otherwise-monotonous-dull-n-boring lives! And think what a pleasure it must be to have one RIGHT BESIDES YOU in office! No points for guessing that I'm the lucky one this time! For a while, I felt I should not put up such things on my blog…nooooo….don't get me wrong….it's not because I feel that it's bad to make fun of Idiots…but its because I thought I could have well written a book on it….however the urge to let my friends know of this Idiot right away was more overwhelming than the urge to write a book. Moreover writing a book needs lots of patience and I have already spent enough on this Idiot so I don’t have much patience left to write a book now!

The tales of this Idiot begin at sharp 9:30 AM (the moment he reaches office) or maybe at dawn when he wakes up….for an Idiot will remain one at all times! If its chilling cold, he will invariable put on the fan as well as AC but if its 'hot n stuffy', he will want to put off both as if they were invented for no reason at all…maybe his Hypothalamus has not been programmed well to recognize temperatures normally! Priority things are always kept for the latter part of the day or week or month; unwanted things become the top-priority and will be completed the same day…no matter how much overtime is required for it!

And recently I discovered why he always seemed to have a wry-neck…it's obviously because he constantly peeps into my computer screen instead of his. For once I thought of telling him if you like my monitor so much, you can take it home. Why on earth can't people mind their own business and stop bothering others around?

By the way, this fellow is supposed to be a 'Designer' but all that I see him doing is to fuse a Stethoscope image into a Globe or a Globe image into another stethoscope and then torture me to no end asking which looks better! For Heaven's sake someone tell him ALOUD that he does not possess even the 'C' of creativity which he proudly acclaims as being one of his prime qualities!

Ten months I have seen him playing with the same silly images and make nothing out of them…sometimes I sincerely wish his computer crashed…at least his silly voluminous collection of stupid images would be lost! I would gladly download some nice images for him to start fusing and diffusing thereafter!

And look at the attitude man…he treats the poor junior designer like someone out from a mad-house. Constantly asking that poor thing 'Are you mad to design it this way?' I feel like screaming 'He is not mad but you are surely the king of Madmen! Stay away from him and let him do what little he knows before you guide him into forgetting everything about designing'. After all it is enough for me to have one Idiot besides me, I definitely can't handle two!!!

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